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Iron ore: -We deal in hematite, magnetite, in the form of lumps and fines, DRI Fines, from India, Indonesia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela & Brazil. In India our participation is with low grade and from other resources it is usually above 60% Fe with all other contents in the range required by the steel mills of course varies based on origin.

Manganese: - The grades are usually 38 to 46% Mn. from Brazil, South Africa & Turkey


We have several resources from USA, EUROPE, AFRICA & AUSTRALIA. Heavy melting scrap (HMS) is a designation for recyclable steel and wrought iron. It is broken up into two major categories: HMS 1 and HMS 2. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries breaks up the categories further:
  • ISRI 200 (HMS 1): Wrought iron and/or steel scrap 1/4 inch and larger in thickness.
    All pieces must be smaller than 60x24 in.
  • ISRI 201 (HMS 1): Same as ISRI 200 except pieces must be smaller than 36x18 in.
  • ISRI 202 (HMS 1): Same as ISRI 200 except pieces must be smaller than 60x18 in.
  • ISRI 203 (HMS 2): Wrought iron and/or steel scrap, black and galvanized, 1/8 inch and larger in thickness
  • ISRI 204 (HMS 2): Same as ISRI 203 except pieces must be smaller than 36x18 in.
  • ISRI 205 (HMS 2): Same as ISRI 204 except it may contain automotive scrap except for thin gauge material.
  • ISRI 206 (HMS 2): Same as ISRI 205 except pieces must be smaller than 60x18 in.

We buy Brass scrap from EUROPE, UK, MEXICO & MIDDLE EAST.
  • Product: Brass Scrap Honey as per ISRI.
  • Origin: Europe, from own yard of vendor in Netherlands.
  • Quality Description: However, it is with maximum of 2 % attachments / impurities
  • Price term: CIF Nava sheva, Mundra, Kandla buyer's option
  • Quantity: 2 centre each 25mt per month. (MINIMUM CONTRACT)
  • Shipment: Within 30 days from payment instrument.

Grades that we deal is 6300/6100 ADB to as 5300/5100 ADB and our resources are from Indonesia, Columbia & South Africa.

BITUMEN: We source 60/70 & 80/100 grade. Further information is available on request.

COKING COAL: We deal with US, Indonesia & Colombia origin. Upon request we can give offer.

Clothing of babies, Children , Men's & Ladies.
Lines : Jersey, Polo's, T-shirt, Shirts, fancy T-shirts, Printed, Rugby shirts, Fleece, Polyester Micro, Nylon, Casual wear, Street wear, Sportswear, Outerwear, Jackets, Sleepwear, Formalwear, Work wear, Bottoms, Children accessories, Lingerie, Boxer shorts.

Home textiles :
Lines : Furnishing fabrics, Curtains, Table Linen Placemats, Napkins, Table cloth, Cushion Covers, Bathmats, Bath rugs, Floor covering, Durries, Terry towels (Face, Hand, Bath & beach), Bath Robes, Kitchen towels, Bed Linen.


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